Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Sonnet

Written in response to the University of Arizona's poetry contest. They requested submissions of sonnets celebrating solar energy:

To Coal

The future of energy is in coal.
America is rich in the black gold
Of Appalachian seams where the dark hole
Reveals a richness without peer. Untold
BTUs await our exploration.
Millions of tons sit beneath our feet,
Waiting. I suspect righteous oration
Will greet each load as trucks and trains repeat
The route from mine to plant to wall outlet.
"It's dirty," they'll say. "It detroys the land."
Fah! Turn Hephestian muscles loose! Unmet
Needs can be sated by coal! We can't command
The sun-- it's a nice idea to harness,
But not while the grid is under durress.

1 comment:

Read Me said...

Your coal sonnet is dark and gritty, good.