Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tour de Office Depot

Saturday morning. I needed to print out a 100-page document I have been hired to edit. I have little toner in my printer, so I decided to head out to Office Depot to get my document printed out. Gas is expensive, and I need the exercise, so I took The Bike.

I modified my bike especially for this trip. I dug out the old iPod speakers that Miles got from a friend. I used zip ties to strap it to my handlebars. I secured the iPod to the device with clear packing tape.

It was hot, even in the early morning (10ish). I stopped by the Farmer’s Market. It was busy, and some vendors were shutting down, all sold out. I got to see Beth and family. The new baby is bigger and she was sleeping hard.

I picked the path of least resistance, which is pretty hard because Office Depot is on the other side of town and between my house and the Office Depot there is a big hill. You cannot go around the hill. You have to go up the hill. I chose Falling Run Road. As I wended my way up the hill, listening to Talking Heads, I stopped at the African woman’s house and asked for water. She heard my iTunes music and she liked it, The Great Curve by Talking Heads, heavily influenced by the African drummers they brought on board for that album. She got down with her baby with me, me and my new water.

I chugged up Falling Run road. Next to me, the guy pushing his mower moved faster. Where is the Falling Run on Falling Run Road? A cool breeze often blows down this road past the university, but I have never seen the run that runs through it.

I cruised past the stadium at bike speed. There was little traffic on this road, so I was comfortable and did not feel the need to look over my shoulder. Patteson Drive was a pain, difficult to cross. But I made it. I printed out my sheets, packed it up and listened to Jonathan Richman as I took a new route home, up University Avenue.

Mac was not around at the Superette. I bought a Powerade, asked for Mac and headed home on Beechurst. The ride down the steep hill from the Law School to the Life Sciences Building was a treat, a nice drift downhill.

I got on the trail at Knapp Hall. I rode to the dam and headed up Don Knotts Boulevard. I got home and peeled off my shirt and nobody knew the difference. “I thought you drove,” they said.

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