Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pittsburgh-area couple sues Google over its Street View

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that a couple from Franklin Park, PA, north of the city are suing Google over a Street Map view of their property. If you try to look it up, you will find that the Street View image is no longer visible:

You can however, still zoom in from the satelite view and check out the two felled trees in the yard and the area cleared for the pool. It is quite a secluded spot, out in the country in a pretty remote suburb at the end of a country road:

The article states that Christine and Aaron C. Boring are suing over Google's invasion of their privacy. Ms. Boring, who is identified as a school teacher, might also take on The Asbury Park Press. This New Jersey newspaper published the salaries of all teachers in Pennsylvania, further infringing on Ms. Boring's privacy by making public her $42,945 salary with the Northgate School District.

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Forever Redeemed said...

It's a good thing they weren't skinny dipping in their pool like some of these other unfortunate Google Street View victims:

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