Monday, January 21, 2008

Bill Stewart and Rich Rodriquez: An Objective Comparison

This past Saturday morning, I pulled out of the Waterfront Place parking lot. I arrived at the stop sign at the same time as an SUV on the opposite side of the intersection. We arrived at the exact same time, and either one of us could have started to move forward. But the courteous driver in the SUV graciously waved me forward, giving me the right of way. The driver of the SUV was Mr. Bill Stewart, new head football coach for the WVU Mountaineers.

I have lived in Morgantown for close to 20 years. During Rich Rodriguez's seven years in Morgantown as head football coach, he never gave me the right of way-- not one single time. I have logged thousands of miles on the roads and highways in and around our community, and Rodriguez never showed me the courtesy and civility that Bill Stewart-- in the job for a mere three weeks-- showed me this past Saturday morning.

I think most Mountaineer fans would agree with me that this lack of courtesy is quite consistent with our former coach's recent behavior. Mr. Stewart's act of charity and generosity is a nice breath of fresh air.

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